Split System AC Unit Vs Window AC Unit: Which Is Better?

On those scorching summer days, nothing feels better than stepping into a room cooled to the perfect temperature. If you are aiming to recreate this comfort in your own space, choosing the right air conditioner becomes important. Among the most debated choices are the split system air conditioner and the window AC unit. In this blog, we’ll compare these two options, helping you determine which is the ultimate cooling champion for your needs.

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Understanding The Basics: Split System And Window AC Units

Split system air conditioners consist of two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is responsible for distributing cool air into the room, while the outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser. This separation allows for a quieter indoor environment and a sleeker design.

Conversely, window AC units are compact systems that fit directly into a window space. They house all their components in a single box, making them potentially noisier than split systems.

Energy Efficiency And Cost Savings

Professional technicians can assist you in selecting units that optimise energy efficiency:

  • Energy Consumption Patterns: Split systems, especially the latest models, are designed for optimal energy efficiency. Their advanced technology allows them to consume less power while delivering effective cooling.
  • Programmable Thermostats: Using programmable thermostats can help you set the temperature for different times of the day.

Design Flexibility With Split Systems

Split systems offer unparalleled design flexibility. Unlike window AC units that require a specific window size and type for installation, split systems can be seamlessly integrated into any room’s design. The indoor unit of a split system can be mounted on walls. This not only enhances the room’s aesthetics but also provides efficient cooling. For those who value both functionality and design, split systems are the clear choice.

Space Considerations: Making The Right Choice

The spatial dynamics of your property play an important role in determining the most suitable air conditioning unit. The layout, room sizes and window placements can influence your choice. Let’s delve into the space considerations for both split systems and window AC units:

The Layout And Size Of Your Property

  • Open-plan Spaces: These benefit from split systems, which can effectively circulate air throughout the larger area without being obtrusive.
  • Properties with multiple small rooms: With the capability of multi-split configurations, a single outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units, allowing for individualised cooling in each room.

Window Availability And Placement

  • Rooms with limited or small windows: Window AC units might not be ideal here as they can block valuable natural light and views. Split systems, on the other hand, don’t obstruct windows and can be placed flexibly.
  • Rooms with larger windows: While they can accommodate window AC units, you might want to consider if you’re willing to sacrifice the view and sunlight. Split systems would allow you to preserve them.

A Quick Overview: Split System Air Conditioner Vs Window AC Unit


Split System Air Conditioner

Window AC Unit

Design Flexibility

High (can be mounted on walls without obstructing windows)

Limited (requires a specific window size and type)

Cooling Multiple Rooms

Possible with multi-split systems

Limited to the room it’s installed in

Energy Efficiency

Generally more energy-efficient with advanced technology

May consume more energy for the same cooling effect

Installation Flexibility

Can be installed in any room, doesn’t require window space

Requires a suitable window for installation

Noise Level

Quieter due to separation of indoor and outdoor units

Potentially noisier as all components are in one box

Why Split Systems Are Ideal

Split systems are not only adept at cooling the air but also excel at removing humidity, ensuring a comfortable living environment. The advanced technology in split systems cools and dehumidifies the air simultaneously, providing relief from the sweltering heat. In contrast, window ACs might not be as effective in removing humidity, making split systems the ideal choice.

Discover The Best Cooling System For Your Space

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