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Fully Customised Systems

There is no substitute for freshness. As a fresh produce grower, distributor or retailer, you need a customised refrigeration system to perfectly suit your product type, process stage and packaging.

At Thermal Air Conditioning Solutions, we design refrigeration systems that achieve a fine balance of temperature and humidity to help you sell more quality produce.

We also know that when fruit, vegetables and flowers are cooled down quickly with high humidity cooling systems, product quality, appearance and shelf life will be improved—with weight loss greatly reduced.

We design, install and service the full range of fresh produce refrigeration systems, including vacuum coolers, hydro coolers, ripening rooms, controlled environments, cool rooms, ultra-high humidity refrigeration, forced air coolers, pressure coolers, long-term storage, icemakers, pre-coolers, rapid/fast cooling and cold storage.

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All Industries

We are experts in a wide range of refrigeration solutions for a variety of different industries, such as dairy, hospitality, food processing and cold storage and distribution. Here is how we can help provide your industry with the refrigeration you require:

Hospitality: The hospitality industry is fast-paced, which is why our refrigeration solutions are fast and effective. Better yet, our skilled service technicians are on hand 24/7 to give you the peace of mind your staff and patrons deserve. We can provide your business with everything from blast chillers to ice machines.

Dairy: We know that precision matters when it comes to dairy refrigeration, which is we help you refrigerate dairy products at precise temperatures, with maximum product safety. From milk cooling systems to brine and water chilling, our systems can be designed to fully suit your needs.

Food storage & processing: No matter what type of food your business works with, quality refrigeration is a must in order to ensure freshness and safety. Our refrigeration systems are specially designed, engineered and installed to keep foods fresh and safe.


We have a huge range of experience in:

If you are in an industry that requires quality and effective refrigeration, contact us today to get a quote from our expert team.

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Commercial Refrigeration FAQs

Commercial refrigeration refers to cooling equipment used in enterprises such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, schools, and hospitals to preserve perishable food and medicine. This equipment comes in many forms and sizes, from small ice cream display cases to large walk-in refrigerated storage areas.

Like with most things, it depends on what you need the unit for. Reach-in coolers are the most prevalent type, and they are ideal for storing food and other perishable products in bars and restaurants. Walk-in coolers are substantially larger and excellent for storing bulk goods at controlled temperatures. Under-counter or bar coolers are also options if you want smaller units. When in doubt, consult with us for professional advice.

The cost of running some commercial refrigeration equipment during its lifetime can be six times the cost of the system itself. Businesses that primarily rely on refrigeration and freezing, such as supermarkets, may spend up to 50 per cent of their overall energy budget on keeping food cool and fresh. Therefore, it’s crucial to have energy-efficient refrigeration equipment and ensure it’s properly maintained.

Energy-saving features on commercial refrigeration equipment can provide some additional benefits to business owners. High-efficiency motors, for example, can help protect fruits and vegetables from drying out by lowering airflow and operating only when the refrigerated systems are needed for cooling. On the other hand, de-humidification filters may effectively remove smells and reduce bacteria growth while reducing operational costs.

Cleaning the cooling coils of a system a few times a year will help prevent the accumulation of dirt, grime and dust, which can cause the coils to work harder and consume more power. To keep condensers and evaporators working efficiently, they should be cleaned and serviced at least twice a year.

Door gaskets are rubber linings that keep the temperature of a commercial refrigeration or freezer unit stable by forming a seal that keeps cold air in and warm air out. When gaskets become worn or brittle, their efficiency deteriorates, and they must be replaced. Operating a refrigeration system with worn-out gaskets causes energy loss because air streaming in or out forces the compressor to work harder and more often.

Refrigeration controls ensure that all of the primary components of a refrigeration system connect. These components include the thermostat, compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

Fan motors assist in keeping food fresh by circulating cold air and evaporating moisture in open display cases. Motors are also used to power the fans of larger refrigeration systems, which circulate cold air through all the components. This prevents the components from overheating, which can reduce their performance or cause them to fail in worst-case scenarios.

The optimal location for a walk-in cooler is on a level concrete slab. Installing a walk-in freezer or cooler on a wooden floor requires the addition of insulation. Some health departments mandate specified finishes for your flooring, so check with your local health agency before installation.

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